Saturday, April 25, 2009

Super Amazing Sales and Giveaways!

Click here to go straight to my giveaway! Ends 4/30!!

I am SOOO obsessed with handmade soap it's not even funny!

So I was thrilled when my #1 soap seller put up a GREAT saturday night sale tonight!
25% off everything in the shop and FREE SHIPPING for orders over $25 (after discount!) at!

I just snagged

The CharlieCarter - a mix of Pink Sugar scent and Vanilla soap!

Pink Sugar - Sugar Scrub!

Plus 2 pink sugar soaps, a cafe mocha soap, oatmeal/milk/honey soap, pink sugar perfume oil and an additional charliecarter and I got it SHIPPED for $39! That's unheard of!

But wait - it gets better!
Another fav seller of mine is having a super sale as well! I own one of her pieces and it is by far the most beautiful and detailed pieces of jewelry I own!

Isn't it stunning!? Her sale starts at 20% off and increases as you spend more - check her shop out for details :)

I know you can't think it could get any better BUT IT DOES!

Both shops, HeathensHearth and SojournCuriosities are in the middle of a combined giveaway right now! It's called 'Treasures from the Deep' and the winner will receive a beautiful set of earrings from Sojourn, and sea inspired perfume, soap and scrub from HeathensHearth.


This is seriously the best giveaway I've ever seen (Hey - I know I'm doing one right now also but mine doesn't include soap lol).

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