Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sometimes I forget to blog

For a month ... or so :)

I've recently become obsessed with a few new things: yoga, homemade iced chai latte's, and finger painting.

If you are into workout dvd's I HIGHLY suggest you try the following ones:
Xtend Barre is an hour long ballet workout that KILLS. Really. I died a few times doing it. I consider myself pretty in shape and I can only rotate this workout in once or twice a week.

Anything by Shiva Rae is worth purchasing. I like this DVD because it has 7 20 minute workouts that you can squeeze in anytime, or pre-set workout combinations ranging from 40-60 minutes. Since I've started yoga I've felt healthier, more centered and definitely more flexible! I'm going to work on making this a permanent life change and not just a phase.

Hope you all are doing well!
Oh - I also tried this recipe last night from 'Oh She Glows'

It was YUMMY! Next time I'm going to double the amount of veggies in it but otherwise it was tasty, spicy and very filling (not to mention healthy).