Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm obsessed!

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I know I just posted about recently but during her great sale Saturday night I checked out her shop again and she has the most amazing necklace!

Isn't it gorgeous!!! I don't even want to give you all a direct link because I want it all for myself lol. I love how it's a mix of funky/bright colors and an antique skeleton key - perfect!

I suppose I shouldn't be's the link :)

Aside from drooling over things on etsy I haven't been very productive this past weekend. I'm waiting on some supplies to come in but hopefully I'll have at least one or two new pieces up today.

Off topic - I'm getting pretty tired of hearing about this swine flu stuff! I just wish 'they' (the government, health officials, whoever!) would quit telling us it's not a big deal at all - because I don't get why it's all over EVERY channel and EVERY news site online if it's not!

If I need to freak the heck out I want forwarning!

Anyone else worried at all?

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