Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just venting

Today started off well - managed to force myself into getting new clothes (I HATE clothes shopping!).

Then when I was finally enjoying it (thanks to the 45 pound weight loss I'm sure!) I realized it was the first time I've felt really happy since we put Prince down 3 weeks and 5 days ago.

I cried a bit on the way home - checked the mail, and waddya know - got a rejection letter from the place I interviewed at last week. I REALLY wanted this job - it seemed perfect for me and I was really interested in the work they were doing (a school for 'high-risk' girls).

That's the second rejection letter in 1 month. First my doctoral program, now the job.

On top of that - my computer totally shut down from massive amounts of malware. It took about 2 hours and running to my office on campus late at night but I fixed it.

Now I have 15 papers left to grade for tomorrow and I have to be up super early to get ready for my conference, also tomorrow, at 9 a.m..

I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall.


  1. I am really sorry you didn't get the job. :( I know how that feels, I went through that for awhile when I moved to took me four months of applying everywhere before I actually got a interview.

    And 45 pound weightloss? Congrats on that. How did you do it? I wish I could! I thought you were just always a little skinny minnie :P

  2. Lol - I've been chubby almost my entire life! I was heavy from 6th-11th grade, than I started working out/eating right my senior year and got 'thin'. Gained it ALL back and than some after high school and it's taken me 2 years to loose the weight!

    I started just with exercising and that took about 20 pounds off in 3-4 months the first year..than nothing for a year...than the last 20 have come off in the last 4-5 months from just dieting (need to get exercising again!).

    I did the whole south beach thing for a bit - but modified. I'm horrid w/carbs (I'm a vegetarian so we eat a lot of pasta!) so South beach was good because it helped me realize how dependant I was on them. I avoid sugar like the plague and never drink anything with calories (diet soda, crystal light and water for me!).

    I really eat basically 'normal' aside from the no sugar/low carb thing. And I eat all day - small portions spread out. It works!

    Now I just need to get toned again! Pilates should help with that - I have a friend who is an instructor that got me into it and it's fab!

  3. Life is TOUGH, right?? It all sounds so aren't alone! I wanted to thank you SO much for sharing my post (31experiment) about handmade business cards on the etsy forum. It feels really good to know that the work that goes into a single post actually helped people. Plus I feel like part of the "cool club" now. hehe. thank you again.

  4. I will be watching for those handmade business cards....cant wait to see them! No pressure, of course :)

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