Thursday, April 2, 2009

I've met my first goal!

My goal for my first month on etsy was to sell 10 items - well, I have 5 days left in my month and I'm up to 16! Woohooo!!!

So now my goal is to to sell double in April - 20 items! I'd love for my sales to keep doubling every month until they hit about 100 a month. That would just be perfect for me!
In other news - if it doesn't stop raining soon I'm going to kill someone! I HATE this weather and it's been like this for 2 weeks now :( I always take my photos outside so I haven't been able to add new pieces all week!

Also - I have a job interview Friday! I had one last week but it's at a place I REALLY don't want to work at so I'm hoping this one goes well. I'm not sure if it's fulltime or parttime, but I'm kind of hoping it's parttime. I'm still holding out that one day I can sit around my house playing with jewelry like a gypsy and make a living off of it and I'm afraid that if I start working 40+ hours a week that my dream may be put on hold!

I've also been spending wayyyy to much time on etsy browsing others shops! I am so itching to buy something it's crazy. I found the perfect wristlet but it's $30 and I just can't bring myself to get it! I haven't purchased anything on etsy since I opened my new shop and paypal is just BEGGING me to spend some money lol.

Here's the wristlet - soooo cute! Also a wallet and lunch bag I'm drooling over!

$29 by

$21 by

$8 by

I should totally just splurge and buy it all :D

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  1. Congratulations on meeting your goal. It's good to hear considering the state of the economy. I can so relate to your post! I work a full-time job, which because I'm a manager, normally means an average of 50 hours a week and I commute about 2 1/4 hours a day. Trying to find time to work on jewelry is hard and I knew if I had more time, my shops would be more successful. But my regular job is what pays the bills (and buys the jewelry supplies)! I love to shop on Etsy, too. There's so much great stuff it's hard not to buy something every day! If you make your April goal, maybe your reward should be buying the wristlet!!! Best of luck at your interview.

    Take Care,