Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I want to hear from you!

I've had so many new followers to my blog this week and I'd love to ask you all a few questions! Most of you are fellow artisians and sell on etsy (or similar venues). How long have you been selling your crafts for? Do you sell offline as well? (I'm interested in doing my first craft show and would love to hear your experiences!) Also, what offine marketing do you do?

It seems many sellers are getting discouraged right now with slow sales and lack of activity. Since I've officially started my 3rd year on Etsy I can say that it's not unusual. Spring is notoriously slow as people are cutting back after the holiday season, and starting to go outside more to enjoy the nice weather. I'd like to use this time to market locally and really start focusing on the Fall season when sales start to pick up again.

We are all in this together! Let's share some advice/tips and help each other out a bit.

Heart Factory, $18, by PearsonMaron


  1. Hello!

    I have been selling on Etsy since June 2010. I have only sold a few items but I've allowed this first year of selling to be a huge learning experience. I don't sell often but when I do sell it's usually to friends and family. Lately, I've been focusing alot on my blog which I guess helps in getting exposure. I'm in a huge learning phase of my shops so I just try to take in everything.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I checked out your shop and the first thing that really stood out to me was your 'pie' wallet. It's so cute! I'm not surprised to see that 12 people have hearted it.

  3. I started on etsy in 2008 but when I went back to work full time I stopped..... I opened a brick and mortar in June 2010 and since it is quiet this time of year I started listing on etsy again....I am happy with the amount of sales already...I like selling online and in person. Selling at shows lets you hear peoples thoughts in person and that is the best!

  4. I just opened my etsy shop two and a half weeks ago. I havent promoted as much as I should. I have a facebook fanpage and a blog.. i also had business cards that I hand out and also casually leave around the city :) Im hoping to do some craft shows this year as well (my goal is to do at least ONE) but i'm such a newb I'm still learning to juggle crafting and blogging into my usual everyday life.

  5. Hello! Hmm, well I really don't have too much advice to offer... I just really started up my shop on etsy. I've only had three sales Lol. I do not market offline, not even really sure where to start there!

    Much like Frances above me, I've been promoting online. I have my blog, quite a few dedicated followers already on twitter, and I use tumblr although it doesn't seem to be doing much haha. I suppose I should get some business cards to hand out to people... hmm.

    OK so that wasn't very helpful, I know. I definitely have a lot to learn, just thought I'd chime in though. :)


  6. Okay, first of all, heart factory is CUTE AS HECK!! I love it!!

    Secondly, I've only been selling since like October or so... I haven't done any shows before. I do think it would be cool though - would love to hear from others that have done shows.

  7. Thanks for all of the responses! Seems like Geralyn and I are the veterans here!

    I hate when I go to the forums on etsy and see so many people discouraged and wondering what their doing wrong to not have any sales. Everyone acts like there is some magic secret the top sellers must have - a hidden venue to advertise on or some perfect time of day to list/relist. It's been a struggle sometimes over the last two years but as I find new and innovative ways to promote the shop I'll definitely let you all know!

  8. I started in August '09'. I have learned so much! I have been discouraged, like for the first 9 months. Then I pulled on my big girl panties, and started reading everything I could in the Etsy Blog, the Storque, the forums, anything, and everything to do with Etsy. I learned to take better photos, and so many helpful things.

  9. I opened Azteca Designs in 2009. With only a few sales on-line, it can be discouraging, but I have had quite a few sales locally in house church!!! Once the ladies found out about my jewelry making, and saw some samples, they were on it like candy!!! Some of my top local selling items are ear cuffs, toe rings, and non tarnish copper earrings for sensitive ears!!! :D



  10. March has been a little up and down so far, but it's nice to read from others with years of perspective! I know I'd rather be outside than shopping online now too!