Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ebay - The Bane of my Existance

First of all my prediction about excessive soreness from yesterday's workout was entirely accurate. It's not AS bad as I anticipated though and I know if I continue incorporating that DVD into my weekly routine that it will give me big results. I'm excited!

So, to best use the excuse of being to sore to walk, I've spent almost all day at work on flickr, ebay and etsy gaining ideas for future crafts. I ordered this book:

Which of course entails a trip to the craft store this weekend to stock up on Polymer clay supplies (never worked with clay before!).

I've also bid on 2 antique medical books and an antique science kit on ebay. I'd link to them directly but I'm SO excited about them and don't want anyone snagging them from me :p Hopefully I can show them off soon!

For all of you clay kids - any tips or advice would be much appreciated! Especially if you have any online links to site that talk about the craft.
Love you all :)


  1. good luck on the books and can't wait to see them if you get them! i just followed you--saw your post on etsy ;-)

  2. My experience with clay ends after the game of Cranium is complete. good luck!

  3. Thanks! I keep refreshing my ebay page to make sure I haven't been outbid - there's still 4 days left so this is going to drive me nuts lol.

  4. The best site I have found for polymer clay tutorials and such is:

    Have fun playing with clay! Sculpy3 and Fimo are excellent clays. I've also heard of Kato.

    Good luck on your Ebay bids!

  5. Ah, Ebay...the great wallet emptier. Haha, hope you win. Looking forward to reading about your adventures in polymer clay. I played around with it before. It's fun!

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  7. Yay! I can't wait to see what you make! Please post pics of your projects! :)

  8. Very neat looking book! Ebay can be very addictive, which is why I try to stay away!

  9. Good luck and hope you get the book! :)

    Thanks so much for commenting on Bubby & Bean. I'm following you now too!


  10. Hope you are enjoying your new books! Here is a fabulous blog you may enjoy! Along with a polymer clay tutorial that is super fun!