Thursday, October 1, 2009


With the start of a new month I've decided to focus on a particular cause during October. For the entire month I will purchase one tree for every purchase made at the store ( I'll be using which supports the Atlantic Forest.

The Atlantic Forest is one of the greatest repositories of biodiversity on Earth, rivaling that of the Amazon. Today, only 7% of the Atlantic Forest remains.

So for the month of October I will purchase a tree for EVERY purchase made in my shop, no matter how big or small the order. I'll also then email the customer after their order is complete with the donation information from

So - 'tis the season to give and I'm so excited I will be able to help out such a great cause! Spread the word and think about what you can do to be a positive force in the world today <3


  1. What a neat idea and very green gesture!

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