Thursday, October 8, 2009

More projects and failures!


So I've been in UBER craft mode lately and have tried to broaden my horizons and do some new crafts. My first attempt was to do glass etching. I think I did okay for my first try but I definitely need to practice!

I decided on this particular phrase for my shot glasses because it's always what I say before I take a shot lol...

I've started an herb garden again, on the balcony of my house. So far I just have Rosemary and Basil and the two small pots are snap dragons (which are quickly fading away!).

Here is the infamous beer chute on the side of the house. Yes I live in a 120 year old Victorian home and have a beer chute on it. I'm classy. Basically we just had beer bottles piling up every weekend and my lovely boy decided to remedy the problem by securing some PVC pipe to the side of the house so we can drop a bottle from the balcone directly into a garbage bin :)

These next two photos are terrible but I've had SO much fun making these coasters! One set is for my house for Halloween and the other is for my friend and the pages come from the same "So you've got your period book" I discussed in my last post.

More projects for this weekend that are equally vulgar and awesome! Hope you all have a fantastical's so close to the weekend I can taste the hangovers!


  1. I love the beer chute. If my next house has a 2nd story with a balcony, we're installing one of those!!!

  2. Lol - it was such a simple yet highly effective idea! Think it cost about $15 all together and has saved me many, many trips of hauling beer bottles down the stairs lol.

  3. good idea on the shot glasses. Are you using a dremel to etch or do you use the etching cream? I used to etch with a dremel and I had to stop cause of the dust from the glass, plus It took me forever!! Keep going with the etching! good job!

  4. so i really REALLY love the beer chute. that's amazing. I also love the shot glasses. and the coasters.. that's just dirty. lol but awesome.

  5. Dream It - I used the Armor Etch cream...wasn't to happy with it but I think it's more user error then the material itself lol. Thanks for the kind words though :)

    Mia - you ain't seen dirty yet lol.