Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yea for borrowed cameras and crafts!!

My awesome roomie let me borrow his digital camera so I can finally do a quick update on the projects I've been working on...

Went to goodwill this past weekend and scored big!
Got some used boardgames (to tear down into parts for jewelry and crafts) for $1 each and some textbooks on learning French

Also found these great sweaters for $4 each and an awesome alcoholic purse

Redecorated my bathroom based on this awesome, pre-existing, light switch

Added some vaginal wall art that I made from pictures taken from a 'So you've gotten your period' book I picked up at a used book sale

Moved my lovely needle point art from the entry hall onto the bathroom sink

And finally put some of my favorite books in for leisure toilet reading

I've also been busy decorating the house for halloween....first, my Spooky Town village

My headless bride and one of the many cheap signs I've picked up from Walmart

Some pillows I just hand sewn last week

I also made homemade granola - it came out wayyy to sweet (Used Alton Brown's recipe from the Food Network) but when I perfect the recipe I'll post it!

Finally - picked some lovely smelling roses and other unknown flower from the front yard <3

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