Sunday, September 27, 2009

My new place and a promotional idea!

So I think it's about time I show off my new house :)

It's a 116 year old Victorian and my absolute dream come true! Only a rental, but I don't care...I always wanted to retire and live in a beautiful Victorian home and I thank my lucky starts EVERY time I pull in the driveway that this has happened to me :)

Now on a business note...I'm looking to do a promotional swap. I'd like to hook up with a fellow etsy seller who has approximately the same number of sales that I do (around 100) and sells something aside from jewelry (soap, crochet/knit items, art, paper crafts) to work with. I'm thinking that we can either exchange big ticket items (around $20) and have a giveaway that anyone who purchases anything from our shops could win. For instance:

"The next 20 people to purchase from my shop will be entered in a drawing to win this incredible soap set from ______"

Just a way to promote each other and hopefully increase sales! Let me know if your interested!!


  1. Love the house.

    I can't help with your promo,sorry, I create jewelry too.

    Linda B

  2. What a charming house! You're so lucky to live there!

  3. Thanks Linda and Kelley! I'll post more pics soon...there is some incredible original fireplaces and stained glass windows that I love to show off :)

    Linda, if your interested in a promo, I can let you know if I have more than one person contact me about it and direct them to you!

  4. Linda,

    My family lives in an 1883 Victorian that is a true "painted lady". My DH is a Landlord with a number of old Victorians in a National Historic District. I LOVE YOUR HOME!

    I don't think I match up at all with your promo idea, but I do love your home....

  5. LOL, that shouldn't have been to "linda". Kids crawling all over you has a tendency to be distracting......

    Sorry, still love your home.