Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More embroidery work

I seem to finish a new piece nightly! It's just so relaxing and I appreciate that it forces me to sit down and focus on something other then how stressful my life is!
{Moving and classes starting this week is making me a bit crazy}

Day-dreaming of Fall! A season that doesn't exist in Florida :(

Love machine! Electric blue! How is this not perfect?

I need more ideas for things to embroider! I'm thinking of a cute piece featuring the lovely French language ... and maybe a math/science based one. Ideas??


  1. How about a series of pieces based on the fall pantone of women's colors?

    I just did a perfume based on the Purple Orchid. It's kinda fun =)

  2. how sweet! the robot is very cute, that was the theme in my house earlier with my son when he played with his pin board so i was drawn to him instantly :) It's great that you are able to create something new each night!

  3. EsscentualAlchemy - I'm not familiar with the fall pantone, link to more info? I love your blog name as well - scampering off to check you out more :)

    Moonangelnay - I didn't even think of the robot being great for a little boys room! Such a sweet idea!

  4. That is so cute!! I love the leaves :)

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