Sunday, May 31, 2009

An actual update!

It's been quite some time since I've really updated my blog so here goes...

I've been going through a LOT of personal issues over the last few months. One of my biggest concerns right now is finding employement. I just finished my Masters degree and have had NO luck in getting a job here and have about a month until my funds run out and I'm not sure what will happen then. I can't go back to my family because my cat has Feline AIDS and they won't let me bring him there (they also have a cat) and I'm not leaving him anywhere so if I have to live out of my car - so be it!

I'm still adding new pieces weekly - I also have lost access to a good camera so I won't be able to add anything new for another 2 weeks probably. I may be creating things - but just not able to photograph them which stinks!

I truly hope things pick up for the shop again soon - it was so nice to have something fun to work on and it allowed me the ability to shop (even if it was only for supplies) and lord knows I've missed shopping lol.

Hope everyone else is faring better than I am!


  1. man thats rough.... I had to live in the car for a couple of weeks and yep its sobering.....Dont laugh I have my masters degree too!

  2. I had been wondering about you. I hope everything is ok. I can understand about the cat. I stayed married to my ex-husband even though he was cheating on me because I had no where to go that would allow me to take my dogs. In the end I ended up giving one dog to my brother and the other two stayed with my ex-husband. Its not easy, thats for sure. Things worked out though and I have a feeling that usually, they do. *hugs*